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Void Technology provides Rapid Prototyping Service, Embedded System Solution Consultancy, Manufacture in China Consultancy to both Business Customers and Private Customers.  We noticed that it cost a lot of time and money for small start-up companies/technical-fans to make a prototype, and our team has solid technical/design background and experience to help them. So we decided to start a company and apply the knowledge we learned to real life project.



Around September 2013, we started to have an idea about making a product in our spare time.  When we demonstrate the prototype to the entrepreneur team  from SDU, we realize that they need the same technology in their product but they don’t want to hire a full-time engineer. So we decided to start a consultant company and provide technical solutions  to them.



The reason we started a business is to do what we are interested, such as technical researching. And at the same time, the customers also get the help they need on an affordable price. We are glad to see more people and companies can make their ideal product by using our consultancy.

The Team

Yinan Sang: Technical Project Manager, BSc Automation, Embedded Control System master student in SDU.

Qian Dong: Business Project Manager, BA Architecture Technician, Mechatronics BS student in SDU.

Zhuocheng Gong: Hardware Engineer, BSc Aerospace Propulsion Technology , Embedded Control System master student  in SDU.

Liping Shi: Electronic Engineer, BSc Electric Engineering, Embedded Control System master student  in SDU.

Ye Shen: Product Designer, BA Product Design China,  Interaction Design master student  in SDU.

Hao Ding: BSc Computer Science, SDU MSc Embedded Control System.



Void Technology has existed since 2013.09.



We have registered our company in Denmark, released our homepage and got our first client. At this moment, We have finished the required prototype for our client and are ready to do more.


Short and long term goals

In the next few months, we would like to keep doing marketing, advertising, and customer relationship management. In the next 10 years, we hope to become the expert in this area and maybe have our own products to be sold on the market.


Contact information

Qian Dong:   31777311.

Yinan Sang:  91400289.

Zhuocheng Gong:  71352283.

Liping Shi:   31872930.

Ye shen:   91435630.

Hao Ding:  N/A.


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