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The FoodNIC is a device that can detect degradation in meat products fast and easy. For both safety and environmental reasons the state of degradation of meats is crucial to know for both private consumers and the food-industry, the FoodNIC can be applied in both areas. This specific way of food-sampling is unique and the technological basis of the device is expandable to monitoring in other food and health related areas.



The idea was developed as part of coursework at a PhD-course at Idea-House; Science Innovator. We combined already known technologies and our specific scientific knowledge in these areas with the emerging public awareness of both food-safety and sustainability. The result was an idea for a gas-detection unit. In order to turn this into a specific product, the application was reduced to access gasses naturally developed during meat-degradation. The idea has been and still is evolving to fit costumer needs and technological advances.



At first we were astonished how well the idea was received and we thought it would be exciting to see what the idea could turn into if we put some effort into it. The reason for staying involved has been the overall positive response we have received and the ability to outsource the different tasks in the project. It has been a very rewarding and educational experience to interact with all these different institutions, teachers, advisors and students and a lot of knowledge has been gained about starting up a venture in collaboration with university.


The Team

Jeanette Hvam, Co-inventor, project manager and scientific consultant.

M.Sc. Physics, surface and material science (Institute of Physics and Chemistry, SDU), currently Ph.D. Material chemistry (Department og Chemical engineering, Bio- and Environmental Technology, SDU)

Elizabeth Robertson, Co-inventor, project manager and scientific consultant.

B.Sc. Marine Biology (University of Plymouth, UK), M.Sc. Marine Microbiology (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Bremen, Germany), Ph.D. Biogeochemistry (Nordic Centre for Earth Evolution, Institute of Biology, SDU)


Elizabeth and Jeanette


The idea was first developed in November 2013 and, with some major breaks in between, the project is ongoing.


Short and long term goal

In the months to come we hope to have the initial prototype ready for the final processing and costumer testing. When allowed to dream; we would like to expand the device to also measure other gasses and to adjust it to fit other markets.



We are still in the phase of developing a working prototype and the idea is continuously adjusted to fit marked needs and technological advances. We are about to apply for financing.


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Contact information

Jeanette Hvam:, +45 51531905.

Elizabeth Robertson:, +45 51231694.