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Tealure is a brand focused on providing unique, limited varieties of tea while creating equitable relationships with our farmers and a positive impact on the environment.

Most tea consumers and customers in Denmark have been unsatis­fied with the availability of a wider collection of specialty tea in the market. This is because there are limited tea varieties that are sourced from wholesalers in Germany and repacked under different brand names.

In effect this business plan by my competitors does not meet the needed demands of the potential customers. Also , tendencies of potential loopholes arising from the repackaging process can pose potential threats to traceability. It can also be indicated that as there is lack of specialty tea in Denmark due to lack of popularity, a small number of tea consumers exist in the country (Danmark-Kina 2010).

By these challenges, Tealure aims to increase the  tea drinking population by making premium tea available and accessible through our distribution networks. Much more, the business aspires to expose the social challenges of the tea farmers and by this generate strategic plans to improve their living conditions.In this sense, Fair-trade, an important green element of this business will be enhanced to implement an equitable relationship between our farmers and the other stakeholders of the business.

We are unique for our triple-bottom-up approach.


Our business aims to promote premium Nepali tea, develop and control the entire supply chain and exclude tea brokers and middle men, thereby giving priority to the farmers. Tealure aims to provide a reasonable purchasing rate to tea farmers and a fair wage for their labor.


In addition to supporting family farming, we pledge to be one of the most environmentally conscious tea companies worldwide. Since our small-scale farmers can’t afford thousands of dollars in pesticides, they compost to give the soil the nutrients it needs. Farmers also plant diverse plants and trees that encourage natural predators and/or deter bugs and pests.

In order to protect the environment and reduce waste, we do not use plastic or metal tea packaging. We pack our teas in environmental friendly, locally-sourced and community-made lokta and bamboo packages. The lokta paper and bamboo industry employs more than 55,000 workers, most of which are women, generating income for poor families and protecting fragile Himalayan biodiversity.


Lastly, to create an even higher impact, we have established the Tealure Farmers Cooperative in Kaski district which provides micro-loans and deposits for those who need them most. Micro-loans and deposits are designed to support entrepreneurship on an individual level, focusing on multisectoral solutions such as increasing household incomes at the same time as improving people’s nutritional status. Returns from our loans and 10% of our profits will be used to develop skills in entrepreneurship, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) composting, environment protection, etc. All young children are educated to care for mother Earth and their society.



Ernestas Klevas, the founder of Tealure has a strong interest in travelling. During one of his travels to eastern part of Nepal during the data collection, he noticed many small scale tea farmers who were growing and making tea of exceptional quality. Later, his passion for traveling and specialty tea developed this business which is committed to support the small scale farming community in Nepal while providing an opportunity to taste one of the world’s best, hand-plucked teas.



Our socially focused tea company was started to improve the livelihood of tea workers and farmers which is particularly hard in the tea industry. In order to address environmental problems and to make my brand to stand out even more, I have dedicated myself to find the type of tea packaging to reduce our impact on the environment.

The Team

Ernestas Klevas (Owner of Tealure)
Mobile: 50329713

Badal Maharjan

Mads Truelsen

Tristan Alexander Ewald

Dovile Tumenaite

Nicolas Wromser


Ernestas Klevas, founder of Tealure.


Market research and identification of suppliers was started 2013 spring, whereas company was opened 2013 July.


Short and long term goal

Short term goals

  • Increase our B2B sector by 3 more companies.
  • Increase traffic to our website by 200%.
  • Increase our social media presents and make it constant.
  • Triple our sales.


Long term goals

  • Add tea bags to our product line to increase our sales.
  • Become the most innovative tea company in the Nordic countries.
  • Expand to other Western Countries like UK, Ireland, Germany, France, US etc.
  • Start partnership with Danida to implement poverty reduction and environmentally sound projects in Nepal.



B2C –Our webshop has been developed since 2013 December. Since then we have participated in several markets where we sold some of our products and made personal relationships with our customers.

B2B – We partner with one restaurant which resell our tea and serve it to their customers. We also partner with other two webshops which resell our products online.


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