Team-building Quiz


Please answer each question individually, and HONESTLY.

After completing the “quiz”, get together with your company founders and share your answers.

NOTE: Don’t say what you think you SHOULD say.


  1. What is your personal greatest fear in starting the company?




  1. What role do you see yourself in? (Today and in 2 years)

CEO, President, Chief Technical Officer, CFO, VP technology or engineering, VP

sales or marketing, etc.




  1. What role do you see each of your partners (founders) in? (Today and in 2 years)




  1. What would you do if the company did an IPO and your net worth was $100M?

(i.e. leave, stay, retire, etc.)




  1. Would you take a buyout offer for the company of ? (after working for a minimum of 3 years)


$1 million?

$10 million?

$100 million?



  1. If the company received a buyout offer of $200 million, and the buyer wanted to only keep the idea and employ ONLY the founders (fire all other employees), what would you do? Assume most all other employees’ stock options have NOT vested.







  1. What would you most like to see happen to the company after school is over?


Dissolve after class is over

Dissolve after school is over

Just put the experience on my resume

Sell it

Keep it going

Dissolve and start a different company, possibly with same founders



  1. Personally, I value the following (in RANK order).









  1. What is your biggest pet peeve (issue) in working with others?




  1. What is your biggest fear in working with your other founders?




  1. What % ownership do you feel you should get?




  1. What % ownership do you feel each of the other founders should get?




  1. What % ownership do you feel ALL other employees combined should get?




  1. What maximum % would you be willing to “sell” to investors?






  1. Assuming the company could raise at least $2 million in venture capital, what SALARY would you personally like to receive?




  1. What should the other founders get (stock, salary, etc.) if they leave the company in 1 year and you stay with the company as an ongoing concern? What restrictions, etc. should be placed on them?




  1. For each of the following statements, say whether you AGREE or DISAGREE


  • Founders should party and socialize together outside of work
  • Founders and top management should generally NOT party with other employees
  • Lawyers are a necessary evil
  • Accountants are a necessary evil
  • I hate meetings
  • I generally do not like procedures
  • I am generally an optimist
  • I am generally a pessimist